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FAQ’s for Kids

Q. Can I be in the same cabin as my friend?

A. You sure can! When you fill out your application form, there’s a spot where you can request a cabin mate. Just fill in your friend’s name there, and we’ll do our best to put you in the same cabin together!
Please note that cabins are assigned according to age. If you and your friend are several years apart, we will try to fit you both into the younger cabin, rather than the older one.

Q. Is there a camp dress code?

A. Yes.  You can read the long version here if you like: Policies

Below is a quick version for handy reference.  It’s likely similar to the dress code that your school uses.

-Swimsuits should be one piece, and provide modest coverage.
-Clothing should fully cover underwear at all times.
-Tank tops straps should be 2 finger widths wide.
-Your shirt should cover your belly, even when your arms are up.
-Your shorts should reach the middle of your thighs.  So when you drop your arms at your sides, the hem of your shorts should be at least as low as the end of your middle finger.
– Tights or leggings do not count as pants at our camp.
-Please don’t pack clothes with occultic or demonic graphics on them.

Q. Why can’t I bring electronics (cell phone, ipad, MP3) to camp?

A. Electronics have a way of getting ruined, lost, and stolen at camp, and we can’t accept liability for them. In addition, they really take away from the whole camp experience. Challenge yourself to a whole 5 days of getting “unplugged!" It makes camp way more fun, plus … it’s really good for you! 🙂

Q. Can I phone my parents when I’m at camp?

A. You sure can! There are just a couple of rules:
1) Don’t use your own personal cell phone; get a cabin leader to help you use the camp phone (see above). They’ll probably want to talk with your parents, too, just to make sure that everything’s cool, and to make sure that everyone is in the loop.
2) Unless it's an emergency or your parents have given us permission to let you call at any time, we only make phone calls home between 8am and 9pm. It’s part of showing respect for your family’s sleep time!

Q. What do we eat?

A. Good food! Ross Haven is famous for it’s home cooking! Every day there are 3 big meals and a bedtime snack, plus the tuck shop, which is open between afternoon activities. There’s lots of fruit and veggies, big hot meals every day, and tons of home baking that the awesome supporting churches spoil us with. No need to worry about starving! 😉

Q. Do I have to do chores?

A. You sure do! Everybody will be divided up into teams at the start of the week, and those teams will take turns washing dishes, cleaning the dining hall, and cleaning the bathrooms after each meal. You usually end up doing about one “chore” per day. Doing chores helps us keep camp costs down. Plus, they are a great way to learn life skills. And … chores are actually a lot of fun! Especially when they evolve into waterfights…
In addition to meal chores, you’re also expected to help tidy your cabin every morning. Cabins compete against each other in a week-long cleanliness contest. The prize for the top cabin is a major pig-out session in the tuck shop!

Q. What kind of Bible should I bring?

A. Whichever version you like! The Bible is the most important book ever written. It is also one of the oldest! Many different people have translated it into English (it was originally written in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic), and when they translated it, sometimes they used slightly different words to communicate the same phrase. We call the different translating jobs different “versions” of the Bible.
Feel free to bring whatever version you have. The verses we memorize will be in New King James Version.

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