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gDetails about the camp include rental agreement

D. When is it Acceptable To Allow Guest Groups?
• When it benefits our ministry
• When our purpose statement remains our focus
• When it does not conflict with our own programs
E. Who May Wish To Use Our Facilities?
• Like minded churches or organizations
• Secular organizations
• For-profit businesses
• Individual, family or community groups


Guest Group Agreement


(MINISTRY POINT NAME) is a ministry of One Hope Canada, which is a distinctively Christian organization whose policies are built on principles taken from the Bible. The Scriptures are the final authority guiding our faith and actions, and our understanding and interpretation of those Scriptures is consistent with the evangelical Christian tradition.


In renting out our facilities, we welcome people and organizations from a variety of backgrounds. It is our policy to treat every visitor equally, serve every guest joyfully, and show every group respect.


In turn, we ask those who come to our camps to be respectful of our beliefs and, while on site, to refrain from corporately or publically practicing or promoting beliefs that differ from our stated principles and mission as stated in our purpose, statement of faith, and Christian code of conduct.  (See Appendix A on page 4 of this agreement)


Groups renting (MINISTRY POINT NAME) must agree to observe the following:


  1. Observe all posted and otherwise communicated regulations and risk management measures, such as fire prevention, safety precautions, etc.  Fires may be built only in designated areas and fire safety is to be exercised at all times.

  2. Keep away from areas and buildings on the property that are out of bounds to rental groups.

  3. No defacing of property, such as writing on walls and bunks, cutting of trees, etc.

  4. Report promptly any damages to or loss of camp property for which your group is responsible.  Your group will be required to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

  5. In case of “overnight” events, each cabin group which includes campers under 18 years of age must include a responsible adult leader who has been screened and trained from a “child protection” perspective.

  6. Guest Groups will not engage in any extreme or controversial activities on site, will not disrespect any individual or engage in any activity that will place someone at risk.

  7. No alcohol, smoking or non-prescription drugs on site.

  8. No smoking unless age ___ or over and only in designated areas.

If you don’t permit smoking at all, delete #6.  If you permit smoking in designated areas delete “smoking” from #6 and fill in the age in #7.  (The legal age for smoking in Canada is determined by provincial legislation.  It is 18 in most provinces and territories; the exceptions are the four Atlantic Provinces, Ontario and British Columbia, where it is 19.)

  1. At the end of the rental, the group should leave the camp as clean and tidy as it was when they arrived and camp equipment returned to its original place before the group leaves.




These may or may not be included (depending upon your particular context):

  1. No pets are allowed on site.  Or state the understanding you have about rental groups bringing in pets.

  2. Dances are not to be on the program as rental group activity.  Or you may wish to omit this one.

  3. Renters will avoid profane, lewd or vulgar language and violent or otherwise extreme behaviour while on site.

  4. Outdoor shoes are not to be worn in any of our buildings.  We suggest you bring slippers or other shoes to wear inside.  You may wish to delete this altogether or be more specific as to where this rule applies.

  5. The officiating pastor must receive advance camp approval before planning to conduct a wedding on site.

  6. The camp staff person in charge during the rental will ensure and confirm compliance and has authority to stop any offending activity, to require that an individual persistently violating a rule leaves the property, and to terminate the rental altogether in case of consistent non-compliance.


Rather than including as “rules” the specific details about cleaning up before leaving, etc. a “departure checklist” is recommended for distribution to the group before they leave.  A sample is included at the end of this communiqué.


Liability Insurance:

Most groups will be required to produce a certificate of insurance naming One Hope Canada and (ministry point name) as “co-insured” during your rental period.


Accidents and Sickness:

You are responsible to provide any insurance to cover the individuals in your group in case of accidents, sickness, etc.  We do not have accident insurance coverage for your group.  We recommend also that you have a knowledgeable first aid person – preferably a nurse – as part of your group.  He or she should bring in a first aid kit and/or medical supplies.


Rates and Meals:

Please consult the attached “Accommodation/Meals/Menu” sheet for information as to room rates, meal options, etc. These should give clarity as to the kinds of accommodations you have available, whether you allow the group to bring in food, use your kitchen to prepare their own meals, etc. Often the camp provides meals as part of the rental package and, if so, information as to menus should be included.  Information as to rates (accommodations, meals, meeting rooms, equipment available, additional charges for PA systems, projectors, etc.) should be included, as well as details about deposits required, confirmation and cancellation policy, etc.  A form should be included at the end of this information so the group can show accommodation, food and other requests and attach it to their application form.


By my signature below, on behalf of the Rental Group, I agree to the following:


I, the undersigned, have fully read the rental agreement and herewith agree to administer our event in keeping with the same.  I acknowledge that breach of this agreement will constitute grounds to terminate our stay at the Camp.


I will ensure the group I represent is aware of the regulations as stated in this agreement prior to the group’s arrival.  The group I represent will operate within the policies as outlined in this agreement.


Signed:__________________________(contact person)  Printed Name:_______________________________




APPENDIX A: Purpose, Statement of Faith and Code of Christian Conduct



MINISTRY POINT NAME is a ministry of One Hope Canada a distinctively Christian organization whose mission is to present the Gospel—particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ and especially to children and youth—and disciple believers for living and serving through the Church. The purpose of MINISTRY POINT NAME is to PURPOSE STATEMENT HERE.

Our policies are built on principles taken from the Holy Bible, the final authority guiding our faith, our actions and our organization.

Abbreviated Statement of Faith

One Hope Canada has an understanding and interpretation of Scriptures consistent with the evangelical Christian tradition and maintains a Statement of Faith and Code of Christian Conduct based on that understanding and interpretation of Scripture.

In short summary, we believe—

  1. The whole Bible is inspired by God and, therefore, our authority for faith and practice.

  2. The Trinity is one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  3. Jesus Christ is God and was miraculously conceived, performed miracles, died and was buried, physically rose again, ascended to heaven and will return.

  4. In the person of the Holy Spirit, whose ministry is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, draw all people to Him, renew the believing sinner, and indwell, guide, instruct and empower the believer for godly living and service.

  5. In the existence of Satan, a created being and an enemy of God.

  6. All people, though created in the image of God, are totally sinful and will one day be resurrected; only by being born again through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone does one receive salvation and the gift of eternal life, thus escaping conscious eternal punishment.


Code of Christian Conduct

One Hope Canada is a community of people united by their common Christian faith.  Because One Hope Canada personnel serve as highly visible role models and servant leaders within our communities, they are representatives of our shared faith in Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives and personal ministries. We require, therefore, that One Hope Canada personnel join in a commitment to believing and living out the Christian faith, according to New Testament biblical standards, in a manner consistent with the faith they believe and represent.


Consistent with the Christian beliefs of One Hope Canada, personnel agree—

  1. To establish spiritual disciplines needed to maintain and promote a deep, intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

  2. To consistently attend a local church whose beliefs are consistent with One Hope Canada’s statement of faith, where practicable.

  3. To maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Even if a relationship is broken and resolution appears impossible, I will fulfill my obligations to the other person(s), including legal responsibilities (i.e., paying child support, alimony, and debts).

  4. To express my commitment to the mission of this organization through how I honor and serve One Hope Canada personnel and its clients—with love, dignity, and respect and without reservation or discrimination.

  5. To abstain from—and not encourage—behaviour contrary to biblical principles, including but not limited to:

    1. the use and possession of illicit or non-prescription intoxicating drugs

    2. the abuse of alcohol

    3. reading or viewing pornographic materials

    4. sexual intimacy outside of the sacred bond of marriage between one man and one woman

    5. harassment, physical aggression, sexual assault or other abusive behaviour

    6. criminal activity

  6. To be a careful, responsible steward of the environment, including One Hope Canada property.

F. Can We Say No to Guest Groups?
• We need to present ourselves as a distinctively Christian agency with definite values and
• Although we do not demand that those who come on-site hold to them personally, we do
ask that our standards and values be respected.
• We believe that we have the right to set some standards and exclude a group which would
not show the level of respect that we require. Please do not mention to potential groups
the right to or not to allow them based on these values.
• For this reason we have included in the guest group agreement our Purpose and Statement
of Faith.

Church Group Guest Agreement 2017

Public Guest Group Agreement 2017